How does Agro Wealth work?

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    Get your returns on investment (ROI) at the end of the farm cycle as stated in the receipt of funding.

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What our investors are saying:

Agro Wealth is simply amazing in every way! Got my invested amount and 30% of my invested money. More interesting is the fact that I was updated periodically before the maturity date, which made me feel at ease.

Damilola Ajayi

It is safe to say I am an Agro Wealther at this point. What more can one get better than this? This initiative is simply out of this world and I sure won't stop coming back.

Efemena Okpako

I had a bit of doubt from the very beginning and was unsure if I had done the right thing but the truth is I have no fears anymore. I will invest again and again except ACCA Farms says otherwise. This is the best thing to happen to agriculture investment in Nigeria. The opportunity is golden.

Joseph Fabiyi

Agro Wealth has made feel like a corporate investor and I love the idea. Putting my money in this is an incredible but worthwhile experience.

Emmanuel Ezeobi

Need to get in touch?

We are always available and eager to answer questions you might have. You can glance through our frequently asked questions or get in touch with us via call or text on: 08024887370

Or visit our farms at No 9, Eze Nwaturuocha Street, Ikenegbu Layout, Owerri, Imo State.

Alternatively, you can reach us via email at We will be more than happy to entertain your questions.

How can I join?

You can be part of Agro Wealth by signing up. However, you can only invest when a Farm is open.

Can I visit the Farm?

Of course, you can visit! We can organize a farm tour every quarter to allow investors to measure growth and get experience of the farm activities and operations.

How do I follow up on my investment?

Agro Wealth is structured to give Farm Investors updates; we send monthly updates for farm cycles that exceed 6 months. The Farm updates are written progress reports which include pictures and possibly videos of the farm cycle. However, updates might be available on your dashboard.

Where is the location of the Farm?

Agro Wealth is owned by Acca Mega Farms which is located at No 9, Eze Nwaturuocha Street, Ikenegbu Layout, Owerri, Imo State

What is the minimum/maximum amount I can invest?

With Agro Wealth, the minimum amount you can invest will most likely be the least available farm that is open at the time of investing. However, there is no maximum number of investments.

Is there an insurance cover for my investment(s)?

Yes. ALL OUR FARMS on Agro Wealth are insured by the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation (NAIC). This way, you are assured of getting your investment capital in the event that our farms are impacted in ways we did not envisage.

Can I terminate or cancel my investment before the due date?

All our farms have a specific farm cycle period. We have taken into proper consideration the gestation period required for each farm to go from beginning to the harvest stage. To interrupt the growth life cycle of any livestock before maturity, will negatively affect our operations, and we will not be able to ‘terminate’ the farm cycle of any given farm. However, at the end of the stipulated farm cycle, and the Investor has received his farm investment and returns after harvest, the decision to re-invest another farm or otherwise, is entirely the investor’s decision.

How does Agro Wealth work?

Agro Wealth is an agritech solution which offers up to 120% within 1 year or more. In the event that your farm cycle is 1 year, you will be able to withdraw your interests every quarter (40%) till the farm ends, meaning you will be paid three times (40% every quarter) before the end of the farm cycle. And at the end of the farm, you will be paid your capital investment.

If returns are as high as 120%, how does Agro Wealth profit from it?

ACCA MEGA FARMS fully owns and control Agro Wealth and owns a vast farming area in Imo State. We have been in operation for years now, only that our agritech aspect is new. Regardless, when you invest, your money goes directly into the business to further boost our operations and then we pay based on your chosen farms till the end of the farm. If you have questions, queries or seek further clarification, please call us on 08024887370 or write to us at or


Our farms are insured by the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation (NAIC)

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